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"The Black Market Balsa"
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BMB Small
BMB Medium
BMB Large
Black Market Balsa's have been successful for me from as far
North as Lacrosse, Wisconsin to Lake Guerrero, Mexico and
everywhere in between. It's my go to bait and when the money's
on the line...it's my "Money Bait"
Doug Vahrenberg - BASS Open Pro and
FLW Stren SeriesChampionship Top 10 - 2007
BMB Slim
The Black Market Balsa Series of Balsa Crankbaits are built from a passion to uncover the secrets and fish
catching ability of the Balsa Baits from the 1970's. These baits have highly been sought for collecting but
more importantly by anglers that know their unbelievable fish catching ability...The "Secrets" from those baits
have been uncovered and David Ryan has been able to recreate these baits and Dave's Custom Baits
assures that each and every Black Market Balsa will perform like the baits of old. These are
reproductions but each bait is hand carved, with the correct bill angle, brass wire harness location, and bait
design...each bait is water tested to guarantee the optimal performance.  If the bait does not run to my
specifications it is not sent out to the customer.

There are three sizes of Black Market Balsa's available:  small, medium and large.  There is one size of Black
Market Slim available and this bait was specifically designed for fishing around floating docks. Choose the
size you want and add your own custom color or choose from our house colors on the painting page to
starting catching memories of your own. (No Foil Finishes)

The pricing for each bait is $50.00.  All baits are sold without hardware.
Dave's Custom Baits
PO Box 15
Levasy, MO 64066
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Black Market Series:

$50.00 per bait for the Black Market Balsa.  sizes
available small (b1), medium (b2) and large (b3).

$50.00 per bait for the Black Market Slim.  (this bait is
available in one size, approximately 2 1/2" long).

$20.00 per bait for Black Market 110 stickbait house
colors.  (Black Market 110 house colors are as follows:  
Threadfin Shad, Missouri Shad, Dead Sexy, Table Rock
Special and Clown Foil on White).

$30.00 per bait for Black Market 110 stickbait custom
colors.  (The custom colors are any colors other than the
above listed house colors).

**All baits are sold without hooks and split rings.